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Dear Savvy Reader,

Mar. 02, 2001 I hate the "hard sell." I hope you do too. Hope you are one who responds to logic & facts, not emotions, & dislikes promotions that promise you will make a half million dollars from their advises in just a few weeks. It's just too silly.

You get attacked by promotions daily. How are you to judge the quality, the reliability? I don't know for sure but I suggest these points:

  • How long have they been around? Under 5 yrs: forget it. Better is 10 or 15 or 20. In our case: 37 years of publishing advice, & we're still around, so we can't be all bad.J

  • How good is our advice & how accurate the forecasts? We called the top in the NASDAQ in March 2001 within 2 days of the peak. We were alone in 2000 in forecasting a giant jump in oil prices. We were alone in calling the recent top in the Dollar, despite contrary consensus numbers. Our annual predictions over decades has averaged 87%. We're making calls now on the Swiss franc & predicting the DJIA for 2-5 years ahead. We have a batting average no one can touch, spanning decades, in many areas, profitable in money & life style terms.

  • What else? How do U know if the advise price is right? A newsletter (or web letter) that is almost free (ie, $50-$100 a yr) is worth what U pay: almost nothing. That's also what advice on CNBC/CNN is worth. Almost nothing. But they suck up your time. There are a number of "quality" letters, ie, over $250 on up to $2,000. Mind you, "A newsletter that makes you, or saves you money, doesn't cost anything, does it?."

  • But price/value can be more precisely measured by something like this: Harry Schultz has been in the Guinness Book of World Records for 21 years as the world's highest paid financial consultant. People don't pay that much or last that long at the top unless they are a large cut above the herd. Is that a fair statement? That's not hard sell, just a real fact that helps you decide who to listen to. Don't waste your time with "wanna be's."

  • How else to decide? Has the advisor/author written any books? If so, it's got to be a plus, yes? HS has written 22 on money & political mattersl So, he's no lightweight.

  • Before listing what HSL (International Harry Schultz Letter) has for you, note also that HSL is one of the 3 oldest advisory letters in the world. That should comfort you that this letter packs a lot of experience. Also, HS has received more awards for financial & political achievements than any other (in fact more than all put together). HSL has subscribers in some 80 nations. That helps U judge it also. Objectively.

All the above are just facts, not dreamy promises.

  • Now, what does HSL offer specifically? It's full of predictions.
  • HSL covers every major world stock mkt with specific buy/sell/stop recommendations. Nobody else does that. HSL also has precise commodity futures recommendations. And we also print our batting average! Almost forgot: we have a free web page with market & geo political news updates most weekends. (We also have a more detailed one for active traders at $99 a year)

  • HSL's famous front page "Big Picture" puts everything in perspective for readers in a unique fashion that has made it a favourite around the world. It's the most NON provincial reading you've ever encountered. HS is the consummate International Man. HSL has been written & printed in many nations. It waves no flag! It created the PT (Practically Transparent) life style.

  • HSL is NOT just about money! HSL has principles & a mission. HSL is a freedom fighter. Is anti-Big Brother, anti-socialist, & strongly pro-privacy. HSL has columns on these subjects. If you believe in big govt & the welfare state, you won't like HSL (even if it makes you money). If you believe in hard money, welcome home. HSL doesn't just talk the talk; it walks the walk, does things to make its principles happen! If you want to help, sign up!

  • HSL's geo-political interpretations will protect you as well as warn & guide. •By the way, HSL bases much of its recommendations on technical analysis. HS is a master chartist of the old Magee school.

  • HSL has lived through bull & bear markets, which today's climate requires, but for which few have the background. HS has written 3 books on bear markets, which is know how needed today. But he has been bullish throughout the entire recent long-lived bull market.

  • HSL has more "lifetime" subscribers (at $2,400) than any other Letter, which should tell U something about the loyalty (& quality) of its readers.

  • HSL is also about health, travel, philosophy, & is sprinkled generously with humour!

  • HSL has no parallel competition, for no one does what HSL does & has done.

--We humbly J suggest U test drive the SUV of inner-space mind vehicles.

U have far more to gain than lose. The gains are in many areas & will last a lifetime.

We invite U to: Come join the HSL family. You'll be glad you did.

You can travel/think First class or Tourist class.. Or travel HSL; it's a Higher Class.

Make HSL your family foreverů...Welcome! J

From the Harry Schultz team


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