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Gold (& Mkts) Charts R Us
From your Uncle Harry Schultz, gold guru of the 70's

Introducing the world’s premier gold & markets chart service that gives specific buy/sell, & re-buy prices for proactive gold mines (junior & senior), a large selection of commodities, the S&P, US$ & oil, insider analysis, trading strategies, & the most critical revelations U must know about in this worst-ever monetary crisis!

As a bonus, you will learn how to make a living from the markets as your knowledge of charts & trading techniques grows, and thus walk away with 400-500% more profits than most investors.

A happy subscriber writes:  “I built a 46’ schooner with gold trading profits in the last gold boom & want to do it again, & will with your help.” LB.

Gold bugs traditionally got their advice from hard money advisors just to buy. But what good is that? No relation to time, or price! Buy & hold is the road to mediocrity, or at best only modest gains. That’s true in every stock category, but more so in gold, because (shock!) gold stocks are historically more volatile than ANY other stock group. So the idea that you can buy/hold/pray in the “knowledge” you will get rich, is, at the least, exaggerated.

But how do you know which & where to sell & buy? Till now there was no answer. Today there is: Gold (& mkts) Charts R Us. It’s weekly! By e-mail or fax.

Now you can follow the numbers, almost blindly, & capitalize on the only bull market in town.

Gold (& mkts) Charts R US also provides management advice on which & what percent of golds U should trade, vs hold as a core investment. Via our methodry, U should end up with a cost-free gold portfolio.

This unique chart service is brought to you by the world’s highest paid investment advisor Chevalier Harry Schultz (Guinness book of records 1980-2001). As Chevalier Harry explains:

“He who sells into gold strength periods will walk away with a smile. He who holds, sees his stock raise/fall/rise/fall. In the end he may have gains, but he who sells into stiff resistance & buys on falls into support zones, &/or switches/upgrades stocks now & then, should make at least 400-500% more profit.”

Another happy subscriber writes: “Dear Uncle Harry, I am a new subscriber & wish I had your newsletter back when I owned close to a million $ worth of high tech shares (are worthless now).  I have been receiving your GCRU for the past month & I am amazed by the accuracy of your charting advice. I am finally making money, thanks.” BW.

Try this new way to benefit from this young gold bull market, which probably has at least 5-7 years more to run. Big % gains have been made already, but bigger ones are ahead, in our opinion.

Get the odds on your side.

"If it's Wednesday, it's Gold (& mkts) Charts R Us."
The GOLDEN BALL in your court.

Your gold alchemist, if you sign on,

Guru Harry Schultz

Click NOW & start your handheld walk
down the golden road to greater riches.

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Please note that the two-week trial is a once-off offer only.