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From your Uncle Harry Schultz, gold guru of the 70's

It's the world's ONLY on-line, weekly gold chart service with individual charts with specific buy & sell & re-buy points, stops, targets, trading strategy, & mkt forecasts.

It's every Wednesday, by email or fax (or mail if U insist). Buy & Hope is not even nearly as profitable as buy at chart support, sell at resistance & rebuy, with stops.

We want our readers to make MONEY, instead of just praying at the gold altar. Maximum hand-holding buy&sell guidance at last --instead of undirected buy/hold/pray.

Weekly Promo

NY gold (Dec) futures continuation contact - weekly chart

This super-chart illustrates the importance of trading gold. How even only the occasional sell&buy back would have reaped gains of 300-400% more than buy&hold over this 5-year period, while avoiding the stress of price crashes. And selling at lows. Note gold has moved up in steps. It looks easy in a 5-year view, but we live mkts week-by-week, not year-by-year. Notice 2 major price smashes & several minor ones. Note how every step offered a chance to take profits & reinvest at lower prices some wks later. Remember that the leverage in gold shares exaggerates the movement in bullion by 50-100% on average, up & down. Thus a bullion fall of 25% will usually be 37%-60% in a gold stock.

STOPRESS: Because of the inefficiency of existing gold indexes, we created the Schultz Gold Index (SGI), which gives useful buy/sell signals. SGI contains no gold mines that hedge, no silvers, & no South Africans (due to their govt gold charter & the high price rand, which distort an index). SGI appears in every GCRU.


We also created the Schultz Gold Share Advance Decline Line, giving the world's only complete view of gold stock action.

GCRU provides management advice on what percent of golds U should trade, vs hold as a core investment. Via our methodry, U should end up with a cost-free gold portfolio.

Originally, GoldChartsRUs was offered only to subscribers of the Int'l Harry Schultz Letter (now in its 42nd year). Now, I'm offering it to the general public.

Price is only US$100 a month. Subscriptions can be for 3, 6 or 12 months. The price is trivial if U rack up buy/sell/rebuy profits regularly via trading, instead of buy&hope - which didn't work in dot.com days & never does.

Try this new way to benefit from this young gold bull market, which probably has at least 5-7 years more to run. Gold shares were a leading stock group in 2001 through 2003. Big % gains have been made already, but bigger ones are ahead, in our opinion.

Get the odds on your side.

"If it's Wednesday, it's Gold Charts R Us."
The GOLDEN BALL in your court.


Your gold alchemist, if you sign on,

Guru Harry Schultz


Special "Two-Week Taster" for $45.00!

Please note that the two-week trial is a once-off offer only.





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