Who is Harry Schultz ?


Chevalier Harry D. Schultz, KHC, KM, KCPR, KCSA, KCSS, is the highest paid investment consultant in the world at US$3,500/hourUS$4,900/hour on weekends (International Edition Guinness Book of Records 1981-2000.)

(While Mr. Schultz is not listed in the year 2004 edition of the Guinness Book of Records, he did receive a very thoughtful letter from the publishers explaining why.  It seems they have 80,000 different records in their database.  But they only have space for 3,500 in each edition.  So they must rotate which are listed, which are not, each year.  They assured to Mr. Schultz that he is still the titleholder of the Highest Paid Investment Consultant, a title he's held consecutively for the last 24 years.)

Mr. Schultz is regularly quoted in books, articles, and interviews and by other newsletters (the "alternative press"). Arthur Hailey, a longtime personal friend and HSL subscriber, based his character Lewis Dorsey in the bestseller The Moneychangers, directly on Harry Schultz. Harry has lived for extended periods in 18 nations, and shorter periods in many others. Knighted five times, Harry is a man for all seasons and a true citizen of the world.

To keep in touch with developments around the globe, Harry draws from correspondents in many countries, plus mountains of international newspapers, magazines, and other data. At the top command posts of Harry's elite HSL team are Chief Market Analyst, John McMillan, and Research Editor/geopolitical analyst Gordon Frisch. Loyal HSL subscribers in 80 nations are much more than simply names and addresses; Harry and his team consider them part of their cherished global family.

Harry is one of the original founders of the entire investment newsletter business. Now in his 36th year of publishing HSL, Harry was a pioneer of the financial newsletter concept. He has written 23 books, most of them concerning financial and investment matters.

  Books in print written by Harry Schultz:  

BEAR MARKET INVESTING STRATEGIES—This book deals with: Market Tools, Short Selling, Markey Psychology, Contray Opnion, Tactics & Terms, Market Legs, Chart interpretation, Bear Mkt rallies & a great deal more. A reference forever. To Order



HOW TO KEEP YOUR MONEY & FREEDOM: The World's Best Tax & Money Havens—This 84-page booklet offers legal banking and investment alternatives to avoid strangling taxes. Pros and cons of many offshore locations are presented. It's guiding principle is best stated by Judge Learned Hand: "Over and over again courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging one's affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible."  To Order




ON RE-MAKING THE WORLD: Cut Nations Down to Size—Written in 1991, this timeless book on global geopolitics is just as relevant today. At the end of WW II there were 80 nations in the world. Today there are over 180. "Smaller is better," and the world has many large, inefficient, ungovernable nations, which need to be split into smaller nations for peace, prosperity and better government. Harry Schultz offers irrefutable reasons for 1000 nations, and tells you which oversized nations need to be downsized.  To Order





  Gerer un Portefeuille avec La Crise (French) 1990

Other Books by Harry Schultz (Not in Print)